Entry Mechanic & Validation Tools

Entry Mechanics

The past decade has seen Edge collect over 50 million entries.

It’s customer data like this that our UX, tech and design specialists leverage when developing our client’s entry mechanics. From purpose built and branded websites to social media integration or quick turnaround white label forms, customer participation is always the end goal.

We believe it’s important our clients have the flexibility in deciding how their entry mechanic behaves, including:

  • Design, development, integration and housing of the website
  • The collection of data
  • Data security (Secure File Transfer Protocol via clients dedicated portal or choice of SFTP software)
  • The validation requirements to approve a claim or entry

Validation Tools

Edge’s automated receipt processing technology AutoCHECK empower brands to run purchase-based promotions and competitions without codes on-pack or any point of sale integration.

These platforms support a number of marketing programs including:

  • On-Pack Code Replacement
  • Sweepstakes and Contests
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Cashback and Rebate Offers
  • Retailer Specific Promotions
  • Image Validation and Market Research

AutoCHECK sees customers purchase a participating product then visit a branded website where their receipt is scanned. Using world-class Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology together with our purpose-built AutoCHECK Engine, we are able to validate, analyse and optimise the data securely and effectively, whilst improving auto-read rate accuracy.