One Platform that could do it all...


Prudential had one specific business goal: reward their client base with ease. But it wasn’t as simple as that, they wanted rewards seamlessly sent during multiple campaigns.


Tackling their pain points head on, we came up with the solution to create a fully customised platform that could facilitate all their promotions. Within the first six months working together we had the privilege of managing four huge promotions for Prudential.

Here’s how we did it, we created two tailored versions of the platform as two promotions had very similar characteristics and could easily be switched depending on codes customers entered. First version managed all Prudentials redemptions and the other blasted a range of prizes. With ease of tracking and management of the platform, it truly became the heart of their promotions.


A key highlight for us was Prudential distributing Fairprice Finest digital rewards for the very first time, which was a memorable milestone for them. As well as distributing a substantial amount of rewards simultaneously.


  • Drive Sales
  • Engagement
  • Behavior Change


  • Loyalty Program