Fujitsu General

Another special year working together. And what a result.


Continue to provide a simple, cost effective ‘reward’ solution and platform to support Fujitsu General’s ‘Free Money promotion’, whilst upholding Fujitsu General’s commitment to superior customer service.


Edge worked closely with Fujitsu General to develop an enhanced platform to facilitate simple claim lodgement and validation, claim status tracking and efficient claim management to further improve the customer experience as well as provide dynamic reporting readily accessible to Fujitsu General.


Edge has had the privilege of working with Fujitsu General over the past 5 years and every year we believe we have brought together an even stronger promotion. 2018’s Fujitsu General’s Free Money promotion provided the most streamlined reward dispatch to customers and, in addition, 10 lucky winners received a year’s worth of groceries, delivered to them by Edge as a $500 eGift voucher for 26 fortnights.


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