Instant Rewards Platform


Our Instant Rewards Platform is a multi-purpose portal that gives businesses the power to issue rewards and payments to employees, customers and members, instantly.

One platform with multiple applications, the Instant Rewards platform can be used for employee rewards, consumer promotions, acquisition and retention programs and customer complaint resolution.

With a variety of features that make it suitable for any business, the platform can set-up programs quickly, be customised with your brand, provide real time reporting and analytics and manage multiple campaigns spanning individual stores, offices, states or even countries.

How it works

  1. The employee or customer is issued with a reward code via email which they click to redeem instantly.
  2. The recipient selects a reward of their choice from a range of digital retail gift cards.
  3. The digital gift card is delivered via email to the recipient to redeem either instore or online.


  • A proven driver to increase sales
  • Excellent customer experience through instant reward issuance
  • Eliminates third party admin and processing costs
  • Customise to your brand
  • Agile system to enable multiple campaign management
  • Access to data, category spend and analysis
  • POS/CRM API integration available
  • Secure entry and reward validation mechanics

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