Customer and employee engagement

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Keep your customers engaged with your brand

Now more than ever many of your customers, as well as their families, are finding themselves home bound looking for ways to stave off boredom and remain productive at work. These challenging times provide an opportunity for businesses to explore creative ways to engage with their customers.

Tailored promotions or digital gift cards can be a great way to show support and keep top of mind in this difficult time. You could shape your promotions around streaming services, gaming, toys, and eBooks to help keep kids happy (and their parents sane) at home. Alternatively, digital gift cards for food delivery services like Uber Eats are sure to be welcome.

Keep remote employees connected

To help achieve your business goals these days, it’s essential to keep your employees focused on and engaged with work. With many employees starting to work from home and business dynamics changing, the ability to connect and send funds is also more important than ever.

Sending digital gift cards or digital cash can be a great solution. You can treat your team to a virtual lunch meeting, office supplies, grocery deliveries—or you can simply recognise them for their hard work.


There are plenty of reasons your customers and employees would enjoy these rewards:

  • They can be delivered instantly via SMS or email
  • Wide range and appeal
  • Appropriate solutions for social distancing measures
  • Redeemable online or in-store
  • Available to be purchased individually or in bulk
  • Can be customised to your brand with personalised messaging
  • Issued within 24 hours of receiving data file

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