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We’re here to help you acquire new business

Generating new business in this current environment can be difficult for many organisations. Teams are being forced to consider alternative sales methods to replace physical, in-person sales. While challenging, this presents an opportunity to engage new and existing audiences in creative ways.

The issuing of digital rewards can be an effective strategy in this current environment by incentivising consumers to engage with your brand. Examples of digital incentives include offering digital gift cards upon sign-up to your services or tailoring a promotion to encourage online spending.

We’re here to help you retain your existing customers

During these uncertain times, it is important to retain your existing membership or customer base. Offering gestures of support and thanks can be an effective way to preserve engagement with your audiences.  

Tailored promotions or digital rewards can be a great way to show support and keep top of mind in this difficult time. You could shape your promotions around streaming services, gaming or eBooks to help keep kids happy (and their parents sane) at home.  Alternatively, digital gift cards for food delivery services like Uber Eats are sure to be welcome.

Membership bodies can increase the competitiveness of their offering by providing personalised offers to their membership. Edge’s Lifestyle Rewards loyalty platform can provide your members with access to great discounts on a huge range of products.

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