Collect & Get


The aim was to drive positive sales, provide a reward that appealed to a large demographic and capture consumer data seamlessly.


Customers who purchased any specially marked packs of I&J frozen fish throughout Australian supermarkets were eligible to claim a $5 Rebel eGift card. As well as cash up to10 times building their balance to $50.

To participate, all the customer needed to do was hold onto their receipt and within 21 business days of their purchase go online to create a ‘promotion account’ and complete their registration form. There, they were able to claim a $5 Rebel eGift card or alternatively collect unique codes and cash up to $50.

Working hand in hand with JWT and I&J we created something to be proud of! A team effort, we took care of I&Js fully customised website build, managed claims, validations, fulfilment , provided rewards seamlessly and utilised Edges ground-breaking OCR technology to validate claims. This helped issue rewards more efficiently and cost effectively.


  • Acquisition
  • Drive Sales


  • Gift With Purchase
  • Movie Rewards