Instant gratification


Get customers into Telstra stores, provide a reward that can be used at their stores and simplify the rewards process for internal staff.


Hand in hand we worked with Telstra to create their fully customised portal. The portal was fully responsive, enabling staff to reward customers instantly at point of sale, eliminating unnecessary touch points and providing a reward they can instantly appreciate.

We created a step-by-step process for the activation of the eftpos terminals so the gift cards were only spent at Telstra, enabling stores to process a sale against a card at POS through their internet browser and for the card to be ready for activation instantly.


Telstra's portal provided their staff with real time validation and reporting metrics, which they saw a lot of value in. They noticed a spike in sales and received positive brand association.


  • Acquisition
  • Drive Sales
  • Engagement
  • Behavior Change


  • Gift With Purchase